About Us

Kawipay is a universal online payment system which provides reliable and secure means to transfer money from one party to the other. Send money to relatives abroad or carry your money with you in an e-wallet to spend abroad.

As a new business we currently offer the service of money transfer to most countries in Africa.  We give customers the flexibility to send money either by telephone or through the kawipay website.  Our business model allows us to network with high reputable Money Transfer Operators (MTO)  in the industry to move funds across the globe in a secure fashion.  This guarantees a secure, swift and reliable service and that means your recipients can pick up their money from almost anywhere on the globe.

Though our current focus is remitting funds from different locations on the planet, our service offering is quite huge as inspired by the aim to establish a real-time money transfer service which promises a delivery time in seconds. Visit our website from time to time or signup to our news letter to be kept informed of our growing services.

The KawiPay Mobile App is in the pipeline and our customers including you will now be able to conduct a host of money transfer activities from whereever they are 24/7. Our aim is to change the way money moves around and give the owner of the money much control. This also means that you can send money to anyone anywhere even to yourself should you travel away from your country of residence.

Our Values

At KawiPay our success is underpinned by 4 main values, which are:

Striving for Execellence

  • Being driven by what customers wants
  • continually evaluating our work ethics towards our customers
  • Always striving to be the best in the industry not how best we can be
  • Celebrating success

Engaging with Others -  Networking

  • Listening and proactively responding beyond the status quo
  • Working in partnership to create valuable products and services to increase customer satisfaction
  • Valuing diversity to bring about innovations
  • Anticipating changing market trends

Acting with Integrity

  • Demonstrating honesty in our trade - fairness is king
  • Being trustworthy and open
  • Being fair and equitable
  • Never compromising on quality

Being Innovative

  • Encouraging fresh ideas and collaboration/involvement
  • Embracing positive change
  • Setting the pace for the creation of new products
  • Always looking to add value






The architecture of the system is characterised by high level security, robustness, and usability.  This preserves information confidentiality and prohibits unauthorised access to sensitive data. Customers’ data confidentiality is of paramount importance to us hence great lengths have been covered to ensure that we comply to PCI-DSS guidelines.  Hence the system has being designed to minimize the amount of sensitive data that is exchanged when making a transaction. The Kawipay system transmits information via a Secured Socket Layer, besides the State of the Art Encryption technology we've employed to encrypt sensitive data. 

Since holistic security also means the customer or the end user takes a fare share of security responsibilities, we advice our customers to protect their sensitive information and also be security-aware. Security guidelines on how to protect your information will be provided on our website and other communication channels to ensure our customers are well armed against any Financial Frauds.

Customer Care

Again we pride our self of excellent customer service at Kawipay.  Whatever your concerns or need we are ever ready to hear you and more than happy to help.  Your needs are our concern.  So don’t hesitate to give us your feedback, where someone will rapidly respond.  Alternatively why don’t you chat directly to one of our dedicated team about any issues regarding any of our business areas whilst online.