What is KawiPay?

KawiPay is a universal payment gateway, which provides reliable and secured means to transfer money from one party to the other. Businesses and individuals can pay for goods and services instantly and effortlessly. Send money to relatives abroad or carry your money with you in an e-wallet to spend abroad.

KawiPay serves as an intermediary between transaction parties to process payments. The system allows registered members to send money to both registered and non-registered members using either an email address or a mobile phone number. Account holders can also pay for goods on sites that display the KawiPay logo. Interfacing existing payment gateways like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and others.

As part of its services the system supports instant International Money Transfer (IMT), meaning members of KawiPay can have access to their money anywhere in the world.

Currently, the core activities of KawiPay is focused on International trade and hence seeks to improve the way money is moved across continents with the aim of eliminating the stress factor in international payments to both individuals and businesses. Should you wish to know more about our services and how KawiPay can be of help to you or your business, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8144 0498.

Money Laundering Disclaimer

As a non-bank financial institution, KawiPay is aware of the risks money launderers poses to our system. In light of this, we are committed to ensuring that the right control measures are put in place to mitigate against any form of abuse to our services. Our services are designed to comply with all Anti-Money Laundering rules in the UK not excluding regulations in all the countries we operate in, and hence we will not hesitate to alert our regulatory bodies of any such activities that violates these rules. This is our effort to safeguard our services, protect our customers and deliver transparent services which is embedded in the core values of our business.